Unleashing API Design and Governance Innovation: Xapi Public Launch!


Shamali Sathindra

24 October,2023 • 7 mins read

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment in the realm of API designs: Xapi Public release is here! Xapi is poised to transform the way API governance, design, and review processes function, making the API design-first approach more efficient and effective than ever before.

A Solution for Common API Design Challenges

Do you often find yourself grappling with the complexities of API design? Do you struggle to ensure governance and compliance while maintaining a seamless design process? Xapi understands your pain points and presents an all-inclusive, innovative solution that offers the following:

  • Structured Collaboration:
    Xapi fosters a culture of structured collaboration. With designated tools and features for each role, API governers, designers, and reviewers can seamlessly work together towards a common goal.
  • Effortless Governance:
    Tired of compliance bottlenecks and governance hurdles? Xapi streamlines governance processes, ensuring that your APIs adhere to industry standards without slowing down development.
  • Enhanced Efficiency:
    Xapi is designed to optimize your API design workflows. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to a more efficient API design process. Xapi saves you time, so you can focus on innovation.
  • Crystal Clear Communication:
    Effective communication is at the heart of Xapi. Bid farewell to confusion and welcome seamless real-time teamwork, ensuring that everyone remains fully aligned at every stage of the process.

Unveiling Xapi’s Strategies

Ready to experience the future of API design? Here's a glimpse of what Xapi has in store for you:

API Governance Made Effortless

API governance usually involves spending long hours on API requirements management, searching for existing APIs for comparison, and analyzing their history. Following Xapi governance features are meant to significantly enhance API governance productivity:

  • Requirements Management: Xapi empowers API governance teams to analyze new API requirements efficiently and prioritize effectively. Article Image
  • Catalogs: Xapi's API Catalogs provide a structured, central location to showcase all related APIs, versions, and artifacts. This holistic view enables you to find existing APIs within seconds. Article Image
  • History View: Dive deeper with an extensive API history view, giving you quick access to the evolution of those APIs over time. Article Image

Elevate Your API Design Experience

API design API design teams often encounter significant challenges when integrating design changes from various sources while striving to maintain transparency in requirements. The following Xapi features facilitate a structured yet flexible API design process:

  • API Editor: Xapi's tooling supports the OpenAPI 3.1.0 specification, offering features like the API Diff View for comparing old and new API codes side-by-side, creating standard-compliant API documentation, and enabling collaborative conversations on API designs.
  • Kanban: Xapi’s Kanban Board provides a central view of parallel API design tasks.
  • API Models: Shareable API Models streamline the design process while ensuring backward compatibility through API versioning.

Streamlined API Review Process

API reviewing is a strenuous process, involving chasing API designers for updates while ensuring compliance with technical standards and business requirements. Xapi simplifies the review process with a permission system that controls designers' actions.

Once an API is in the review status, designers cannot make changes without reviewer’s consent. Xapi's Kanban Board enforces a standard review process, while the API Diff View helps you identify inconsistencies or changes.

Collaborative comments and replies facilitate direct communication with designers, fostering collaboration for a more robust and usable API.

Interact with Your Internal and External Stakeholders

Xapi caters to the diverse requirements of various stakeholders, including API consumers. Whether internal or external, seamlessly engage with your stakeholders.

Showcase your API portfolio with controlled access, allowing API consumers to view and test public APIs via Global Search.

Join the Xapi Revolution

As we launch our public release, we invite you to be a part of the Xapi revolution. Together, we'll transform API governance, design, and reviewing into a streamlined, efficient process that drives innovation.

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Xapi: Revolutionizing API Design, Governance, and Review for a Promising Future.


Shamali Sathindra

Product Owner at X-Venture